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We may all be temporarily grounded, but thanks to the miracles of the internet, we can tour this big beautiful world from the comfort of our couch or even bed — with the added bonus of not having to deal with lines and fellow tourists.

If you’ve ever wondered how Malaysia looks like, then now is the perfect time to visit interesting places in Malaysia virtually

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Merdeka Month Promotion

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Merdeka Month Promotion


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Calling out for heritage lovers!!! In conjunction to celebrating Melaka’s 13th Anniversary as UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can now enjoy our special offer for the whole month of July!
Buy 2 tickets, Free 2 additional admissions with the promocode [MLKUNESCO] when you book our Live On-Site Experience below

Our Recent Virtual Experience

Newseum Kuala Lumpur

10th July 2021
Explore Kuala Lumpur History through reference from old newspaper cuttings

13th Anniversary of Melaka as UNESCO World Heritage Site

07 July 2021
A Virtual Live Experience conducted in conjunction with the 13th Anniversary of Melaka as UNESCO World Heritage Site

Get to know Malaysia in a fun Game Show

16th June 2021
Another successful virtual experience conducted for 37 MBA students from one of the leading University in the States

Virtual Discovery Of Melaka Unesco Sites On Trishaw

16th April 2021
A new virtual live experience of Melaka attended by a local college.

Our Latest Reviews

” A fantastic first hand experience of getting to know Malaysia virtually. The session was conductedly in an interactive way with guests learning culturally rich information on Malaysia in a low stakes fun quiz session. My experience was even more special as I had my 12yr old daughter joining the session “

” This is wonderful journey into a pocket of Malacca that is off the beaten part. Praya Lane with Martin walks you thru where he grew up, you hear about his neighbours, the shopkeepers and the chapel. Relax with a cup of tea at the end with Martin stringing the guitar and singing a good number of songs. “

“This on-site virtual tour gives one of a kind experience, I totally loved it. It was like being transported to the beautiful Morten village. Shaukani made it so lively, explaining the details of the beautiful houses, herbs in the garden, traditional clothing and so much more. I liked the way he engaged with the locals on the way, it made me feel like I was there walking along together. There were even some “virtual” cooking and food tasting, they looked delicious! I took notes of the kuih recipe shared during the tour, so I can try making them on my own. Great tour, very informative and fun, highly recommended!”

” The format of the experience was super good and interactive. I liked how Tajuddin introduced the culture, food and traditions using fun quizzes. I was surprised that he balanced the experience well between introducing his country and letting the guests have fun. I would highly recommend this experience to people who want to enjoy the Malaysian culture with their friends and family, as well as solo travelers like me! “

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