Revisiting History :
A Glimpse of Melaka Past

In the turbulent world we live in, has heritage been left behind? Well, that’s not in the case of Melaka!

With over five centuries of colonial influence, Melaka is dubbed as the historic state that demonstrates a succession of historical and cultural influences from the Malay Sultanate, followed by the colonisation by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British. Acculturation and assimilation among Chinese, Indian, Arabs and Malays in the early 1970s had also added to the potpourri of styles in culinary, buildings and structures that have survived the ages. As a result of that, Melaka was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008.

Ranging from historically significant monuments and buildings to explorations of its landscape, this carefully-curated heritage walk will allow you to have a glimpse of Melaka past and guess what, they are all within the radious of 1-2km! We will start from the Memorial of Independence and pass through the heritage buildings along the Fort Road until the Dutch Square.

If you are interested or searching for an authentic understanding of how something, or a people was like given the various colonial institutions, this casual and easy walk will make you look back and reminds us of our rich culture and history, provoking you to thing about the existence of every historical structure and place.

I look forward to sharing the untold stories and guide you to discover, learn and experience the vibrant heritage of Melaka today.

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  1. Wear comfortable shoes.
  2. Bring along drinking water


  1. Culture & Heritage
  2. Melaka


  1. Minimum 2 pax
  2. Maximum 8 pax


2 hours