A peek at
Malaysian unique culture

“Malaysia, Truly Asia” captures and defines the essence of the country’s unique cultural diversity.
Malaysia is a country where Asia’s three major races, Malay, Chinese, Indian, plus various other ethnic groups live in peace and harmony.

This experience will explore the exciting diversity our unique cultures, festivals, traditions and customs.

We shall be exploring the Malay wedding culture, Chinese Fortune Telling ritual, Indian wedding ritual, the natives hunting technique, the Peranakans and common food culture.

Upon completing this online experience, guest will be mesmerised by our unique and rich culture and what ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia’ really meant.


  1. Recommended to access via desktop with Zoom Meeting application installed.
  2. Stable internet connection


  1. Culture & Heritage
  2. History


  1. Minimum 4 pax
  2. Maximum 10 pax


1 hour

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