frequently asked questions

What is
Virtual Experience

It is an online session where you access the session via internet and an online meeting application.

In our offerings, we make use of the Zoom meeting application.

What is
Live Experience

A Live Experience is a type of Online Experience where the Tourist Guide is conducting the tour physically at actual location.

In certain cases, a tour has to be rescheduled due to weather condition

What is
Online Experience

An Online Experience is an experience where the Tourist Guide conducts the tour at his/her home.

The tour is presented via images. videos and 360 images of the chosen attractions.

What is 360 Virtual Tour

It is an online experience that make use of 360 images during the tour of a particular attractions.

How is this Online Experience differ from
FB Live

In an Online Experience you may interact with the Tourist Guide Live  via two way communication unlike FB Live only allow the presenter to communicate.

How is booking made on

You just need to click the “Book Now’ button and you will be directed to the Booking Platform page and you choose the date and  number of pax. They will contact you once a booking is submitted.

How is booking made on

You just need to click the “Book Now’ button and you will be directed the tour availability data and time. Choose your preferred date and time. Once payment is made, you spot is confirmed

Is the Virtual Experience available everyday

You would need to visit our booking platform partner which is either Buddyz.Co or AirBNB to check on a tour availability

Can I have a Private Session for a chosen tour

Yes, you do but we require a minimum booking of at least 5 pax

What payment method is supported

You may make payment via various method such as online transfer, PayPal and Credit Card. For International Online Transfer, please email us for bank account details

Am I entitle to request for a refund upon booking.

Yes, you are entitle for refund 24 hours prior to the actual tour. In cases where you made the cancellation in less that 24 hours, 20% of the fee will be deducted from the original payment for administrative fee.

Am I entitle to change the booking date

Yes, you may change the original booking date and choose a new date subject to tour availability