Wayang Kulit for Dummies

Traditional performing art like Wayang Kulit can be hard to understand especially when it is performed in Kelantanese dialect. Today, the art form is diminishing but its significance as a means of entertainment infused with local culture and traditions back in the days is evermore profound now.

Given the current pandemic situation, we are adapting to the ‘new norm’ and curated a virtual live experience to share the history and beauty of this art form from the comfort of your home!

Through this virtual live experience, our guests will get to:

  1. Know the origin and influences of Wayang Kulit Kelantan in Malaysia
  2. Learn the elements of Wayang Kulit
  3. Know the music instruments used by the troupe
  4. Identify general characteristics of puppets from other countries
  5. Understand the importance of the art form

We will also guide you to make a simple ‘pohon beringin’ using the materials that you need to prepare in advance (see details in the ‘what to bring’ section)

Join us for a fun and meaningful interactive experience. With the knowledge gained from this experience, your friends and family can now plan with the shadow to communicate a story!


  1. Recommended to access via desktop with Zoom Meeting application installed.
  2. Stable internet connection


  1. Culture & Heritage
  2. History


  1. Minimum 4 pax
  2. Maximum 10 pax


1 hour